Welcome toMeta Hooligans

Welcome to Meta Hooligans Fight Club! A club of 3,333 Meta Hooligans NFT Fighters inspired by the notion that there is a fighter in all of us.

Meta Hooligans is a project that goes beyond digital collectibles. Our mission is to sponsor kids and support local fight clubs in impoverished cities for underpriveleged kids around the world.

Supported byPROS & LEGENDS

Many of our unique 1:1 Hooligans NFT’s have already been claimed by PRO Fighters, Combat Sport champions, legends & Celebrities supporting our mission, see a few of them below or check out the full list at Meta Hooligans Claims.

Join the Club:

Created to be theHighest rewarding NFT collection for fight fans

Meta Hooligans is the NFT project for the people! Whichever walk of life you come from, whatever curveballs are thrown your way, you fight and you triumph. That’s what the Fight Club is all about! The fighting spirit is inside all 3,333 of us.

Meta HooliganFight Club

Your Meta Hooligans NFTs will act as an access pass to the Fight club which will give insane real-life & virtual perks to holders such as: private retreats and parties with your favorite fighters & legends, meet-and greets, event floor tickets giveaways (Boxing, MMA, WWE), all-inclusive trips, members only events, exclusive NFT drops, and much much more!



Your Meta Hooligans NFT aims to act as an access pass to the Fight club which would give real-life and virtual perks to holders such parties with your favorite fighters & legends, meet-and greets, event tickets giveaways (Boxing, MMA, WWE), all-inclusive trips, members only events, exclusive NFT drops, and more!


The Legends are unique 1 of 1 NFT’s that we have created for actual real life legendary fighters from all martial arts disciplines.

The following legends will be customized and minted at the request of legendary fighters that the community approves. Fighters ranging from Anderson Silva & George St. Pierre & Floyd Mayweather will have a chance to get their 1 of 1 completely free on us.

Over the coming year, we are preparing many Legendary fighters additions for all fighters from UFC & MMA to Boxing, Kickboxing & WWE.

Many of the legendary NFT’s have already been claimed by real life legendary fighters…

In the Legendaries there are Hooligans from past and present that are fictitious (videos games, cartoons, movies) immortalized in the Meta Hooligans Fight club. Lucky owners of the Mythical fighters will collectively be awarded exclusive NFT evolutions & minting opportunities.

There are also Hooligans that we call “Pros”. They are are powerful fighters who worked their ass off and made a name for themselves at the highest level in the fight game. These rare Hooligans will be reserved & customized for real life professional fighters looking to join the Meta Hooligans Fight Club.

FAQ’sFrequently Asked Questions

Meta Hooligans are 3,333 unique hand-drawn NFT collectibles stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Meta Hooligans project is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. You’ll need Ethereum (ETH) to mint a Meta Hooligans. ETH can be purchased on any crypto exchange. Once you own ETH, download a Metamask wallet, transfer your ETH to the wallet, and you’ll be ready to mint!

Each Meta Hooligan is a randomized combination of over 500+ hand-drawn attributes of varying rarity. You can view the rarity via rarity sniper.

The offical minting is sold out, you can now buy your Hooligans on our Official Opensea Collection.

You will be able to see it by connecting your crypto wallet to OpenSea.

Yes, you will own all intellectual properties of your Meta Hooligans Fighter, which means you can even create and sell merch with your fighter.

Your NFT gives you acces to the fight club! We recommend using your Meta Hooligan as a profile picture online, and you can also resell your Hooligans for profit.

10%. A third (30% of 10%) of it will be deducted in royalties for the Meta Hooligans brand & donations management. Those royalties will go towards the youth sport Sponsorships, $BERRY utilities developpoment & marketing to make sure that the project continues to grow.


@Martin Colley CEO
@Tyler Wolfe| HR Director
@Drew Cross| COO
@Christian Jones| Head Of Marketing
@Joe Nheme| Head Technical Developer
@Alain Ejeil| Angel Investor
@Namanya Studio| artist

Contact us at [email protected]