Meta HooligansROADMAP

2022 MAY – JULY

Make connections within the fight world to bring big name claims and new ambassadors to the project

Host regular AMA’s with our new fight ambassadors John Wayne Parr and Dan Hardy

Host community voting polls to decide direction of project, utilities and future charity based donations

First round of giveaways

Launch new marketing campaign and bring in new eyes to the project

Launch discord alpha channel and UFC betting picks Channel for our community members


Give our first charitable donation to a suitable cause decided upon by our community

Release merchandise

New round of giveaways for our community including merch and NFT’s

Release schedule of fighter AMA’s so that our community can have the chance to ask questions to their favourite fighters

New fund distribution for next round of marketing and strategy


15% of profits donated first hand to help children in an impoverished area

Brand partnerships announced

Bigger and better giveaways

2023 & ONWARDS

5 members of the community per quarter will be awarded a percentage of royalties from the project. Each quarter will have a new set of holders announced, giving everyone a chance to earn royalties as a reward for staying in the project. This is more sustainable and more profitable than staking, less people will earn larger amounts of money, but everyone will have a chance to earn. As opposed to lots of people earning smaller amounts of money. Community members will be rewarded via competition giveaways and for being active in the community.

Secret OG hooligan use case announced

Real life events and meet ups

UFC ticket giveaways

Hooligan fight seminars at various gyms worldwide

Much much more to be decided by you, the community.

Join the discord to have your say on exactly what you would like to see on our roadmap